Aloha and thank you for logging into my website. Here you can connect with some facts about Raingutters and Downspouts – a wise investment for every home. Raingutters collect rain water from your roof area. And downspouts exit rainwater to any particular area. This added construction feature on your home can control the rain water away from a waterfall effect that may cause damage to your home – Such as, it cutting up the ground, staining walls, or splashing and rusting other fixtures of your home. Also appearance is an added benefit to it. But appearance, style, and material of the gutter system is only as good as the choice one make in selecting.

Plastic Gutters are an eyesore and cracks during the years.

Aluminum Gutters are very popular but the paint fades away and the caulking fails when expose to the elements.

Copper Gutters are the best in the industry today as far as longevity and appearance. It's the best investment for your home compared to the others. Copper brings longevity because the corners are soldered and not caulked. In addition, the natural elements contained in copper prevents it from corrosion and rust. Copper also has appearance – It has a natural look all year long unlike the aluminum gutter which its paint fades as the years past. Learn more about Copper Gutters »

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