About Copper Raingutters

If you budget permits you to choose copper, then there are two types you can choose from: Customized Copper Gutters or the K-Style Seamless Gutters. Here now is a look at the different points between the two competing products. Each product benefits different people in different circumstances. Compare the two and see which fits your needs best.

Appearance will differ in form between the two because it is fabricated with different equipments. The K-Style Seamless Gutters is formed with mechanical rollers. While the Customized Copper Gutters is form with a 10 feet bender. The results are listed below.

Customized Copper Gutters [Fig 2] has a cleaner and simpler look. The gutter and downspouts share the same design, making it consistent with one another. Customized Copper Gutters look almost invisible because it blends in well with the fasia board and trims of the house. It is very inconspicuous and less noticeable. Thus avoiding a fancy mess and a loud appearance.

K-Style Seamless Gutters [Fig 1] has a more noticeable look because of its design. And its design differs between the gutter and the downspout – making it more noticeable. The K-Style Seamless Gutters looks like it came out of a factory warehouse, but the Customized Copper Gutters looks like it came from a hand of a craftsmen.

With Customized Copper Gutters, the bends and turns at the corner that join one gutter to the other are custom cut and are fitted perfectly like a picture frame miter. Giving it a cleaner look than the seamless miter cuts which is really a bulky patch piece at the corners. And its not even a tight fit because of the gaps. Joints with gaps lessen the quality of soldering. Customized Copper Gutter’s miter fits tightly and are ready for proper soldering.

Fasteners: Seamless Gutters often use big long spikes [Fig 3] that go through the gutter then into the fasia board . This is done to keep a correct positioning of the gutter because seamless only come with a 90 degree bend on the back of the gutter. This is a standard practice when installing on an inverted fasia board. This style of installation is not the best way to go because spike often pulls itself out in time or, when hammered in, will crack or split your fasia board. Also because of the difference angle between the seamless gutter and the inverted fasia board, there is a gap between them which exposes screws and daylight when looking up at the seamless gutter.

On the other hand, Customized Copper Gutters [Fig 4], can avoid all the above negative points. Starting with the fasteners, stainless steel screws are used instead of spike. Customize Gutter can be form to fit any inverted fasia board and, by this, will be in its correct position. The back of the customize gutter bends to the angle of the inverted fasia board – eliminating any gap between the gutter and the fasia board.

Gutter Profile: Seamless Gutters only come in one profile, K-Style, but Customized Copper Gutters can be form in many profile according to your needs. Some project situation require custom gutters.

Thank you for this opportunity to present my product and service to you. I hope you find the right product for your needs according to you budget.

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